A Brief History Lesson

3 reasons why auto insurance has never succeeded within dealerships:

  • Quoting auto insurance at the time of the car sale has historically taken so long that it kills the car deal.  A lot.
  • Selling auto insurance has historically required your employees to become licensed, which is time consuming and costly.
  • Auto insurance underwriters have historically treated auto dealers as full standalone insurance agencies, requiring monthly quotas for unnecessary products like life insurance, annuities, and even mutual funds.

3 reasons why auto insurance will be primarily sold through dealerships within 5 years:

  • DealerSure has perfected the art of separating the auto insurance quote from your car deals.  No car deals killed, ever.  In fact, our approach enhances your closing rate.
  • DealerSure does not require insurance licensing by you or any of your employees.  Get started in less than 24 hours, at no cost.
  • DealerSure does not require any moronic minimums on the products you don’t need.  There’s never any pressure to sell life insurance.  
Cell phones displaying the DealerSure Referral app

Why should I care about any of this?

  • DealerSure typically frees up $50 or more per month for your customers—valuable dollars that can then be allocated to your VSCs, GAP, and other F&I Products.  Over the life of a retail installment contract, this can add up to $3,000 or more of savings that is redirected to your bottom line.
  • DealerSure pays out $25 per insurance referral to your dealership, which you can use to incentivize your sales team and other employees.
  • DealerSure can brand our innovative smartphone app and website to your dealership, strengthening your own brand and therefore your customer retention.
The DealerSure platform displayed on a iMac

Build customer loyalty

Help your customers save money

Inspire customer loyalty by enabling your customers to save money on insurance during the car purchase process. DealerSure customers have seen average yearly savings of $600+ when they purchased through the DealerSure marketplace and saved, which results in a larger budget for their car purchase.

$600+ per year
$50+ per month

Average savings for customers who purchased from DealerSure and saved.

Unlimited earnings

Reward your sales team

For every qualified referral to DealerSure, the referring salesperson receives an instant referral free notification, so they can see their earned rewards in readl time and convert them into cash, or to any of over 200 gift cards built in and available right on their referral app.

Login screen for DealerSure app displayed on an iPhone

Earning is easy

Submit referrals in a snap when you use the DealerSure app!

Download the App and create your account
Download the App from iTunes or Google play store. You can then select a sales rep if one referred you or choose none. Enter contact info and agree to the terms. You’re ready to go!

Start sending referrals!
Select the product you would like to refer, add referrals – import the contact from your contacts list, add a call back time or other info. Submit, you're all done!

Follow the status of your referrals and your rewards
Once your referral makes a purchase, the referral moves to a Sold Referral. Make sure that you have notifications enabled for the App, so that you’re alerted when you receive rewards or when you’ve earned a bonus!

An image representing a download link for the DealerSure app on Apple App StoreAn image representing a download link for the DealerSure app on the Google Play Store
Person writing on a clipboard

The best team

Refer customers to our licensed agents 24 hours 7 days a week

DealerSure is proud to have one of the nation's only dealership specific insurance quoting centers with well-trained teams of insurance agents who understand that the car sale itself is the the most important transaction happening. Dealership referral partners can submit insurance leads 24 hours per day and 7 days per week from any location or any interaction with a potential insurance customer. Our professional sales associates will contact these referrals at a time of your choosing or peak dealership hours (8am – 9pm EST in most states) to make the insurance process smooth for dealers and shoppers.

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