Auto insurance should be part of every vehicle purchase.

We separate the insurance quoting process from the auto buying process, unlike everyone else.

Commercial insurance for your auto dealership just got easier, for the first time ever.

Special dealer participation programs available to select dealers.

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Here are the facts.

Every customer has to update their auto insurance when they buy a new or pre-owned vehicle

Updating your customer’s auto insurance should be a seamless part of the auto buying process.

An extra $50+ per month can be saved for your customers just by updating their insurance coverage.

These savings make it easy to upsell vehicle service contracts and other F&I products, generating higher penetration and PVR.

Plenty of ways

How is DealerSure different from the other companies that have tried offering auto insurance inside auto dealerships?  

Competitive quotes

We are appointed with multiple national and regional insurance partners, ensuring the most competitive quotes.

Minimal effort

We do all the work—the referral process takes only about 15 seconds, is seamless and does not prolong the sales process in any way. It’s a value add for the dealership AND the customer.

15 second referrals

Referrals happen in 15 seconds, using our smartphone app. DealerSure gives the dealership referral partner the option to choose when the quote will happen so it’s convenient for all involved.

Getting started is easy. If you are ready to sign up or have more questions, ask us here.

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