Commercial Dealership Insurance

Clone your existing dealership insurance coverage and save thousands every year.

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Help your customers save money

DealerSure customers have seen average yearly savings of $600+ when they purchased through the DealerSure marketplace and saved, which results in a larger budget for their car purchase.

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We mean it when we say you'll save thousands.

Do you feel like you're paying too much for your commercial insurance policies at your dealership? We specialize in dealership insurance and would love to give you a no obligation quote to see if we can save you some money.


Buying insurance

Every year, every auto dealer has to buy commercial insurance like general liability, dealer lot coverage, garage keepers, etc.


Save your dollars

For decades, this type of mandated coverage has been a lucrative revenue stream for insurance agents.


Spend less

Now you can get the same or better coverage for thousands less per year, underwritten by the largest insurer in this market segment.



Upload your current insurance policy on our website—it takes 30 seconds—and get a proposal back in 72 hours or less.


How is DealerSure Commercial different?  

Competitive quotes

We are appointed with multiple national and regional insurance partners, ensuring the most competitive quotes for your general liability, dealer lot coverage, garage keepers, and all other coverages.

Minimal effort

We do all the work—after you confidentially send us your existing policy, there’s nothing more you need to do.

Save thousands of dollars

Our agent partners write over $8B (8 Billion Dollars) in new business premiums.  Collectively representing more than $8 billion in written premiums. We're the fastest growing agency network in the nation for a reason.

Peace of mind

Our insurance policies are quoted and bound by the largest underwriter in this specialized market segment—gain the peace of mind that comes from working with the best.

Thousands of dollars in your pocket—every year.

We cap our insurance commission at a flat 6%—unlike the 15% everyone else charges.

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